WEEKPEAK, What I Am Enjoying in Life_133

It has been a couple weeks since the last WeekPeak and my apologies for not writing more. 

Why the reason for missing a couple weeks? Well, to be honest, I didn’t know what to write. What is the point in writing a WeekPeak when you are struggling to find the peak of your week. So this week, early in the morning I sit at my computer searching for the highlights over the past couple weeks.

What comes to mind? Friendships. Those who have stuck by my side. Checked in on me as i put my head down and work. As I struggle in this up hill battle as an entrepreneur. Taking a moment to laugh with me in stupidity. Just being there through it all. 

What about family? Mom, Dad and Sisters? My family is more than family, they are my friends as well. I don’t include them in my life out of obligation because they are family. I include them because they are my friends as well. 

I hope that makes sense. I am not good at sharing my feelings and thoughts this morning. Anyways. before I get to sentimental and ramble. My highlight over the week is my friends, from family to friends. Thanks to you all for being there and standing with me during this trying time in my life. 


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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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