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Another week is finally in the books, being a week of catch up. With traveling for a couple weeks, there were some habits that got out of whack that I needed to get back into. Finally Friday and finally the habits are taking root again. 

So lets dive into the WeekPeak.

For a while now I have sat down on a Friday morning to write the WeekPeak, sometimes while traveling, or after traveling, or from being home for weeks. I have wanted to share big adventures, weekly details, even small meaningless acts. I have thought through my weeks wanting to find some exciting moment that would keep you coming back and reading. “The highlight of the week was a I went ski diving. Here’s the story.” or “You would never guess what happened on my last trip.” 

Honestly, the times can be pretty boring. I am working on my business. Head down, trying everything to make a paycheck and grow this thing. I go silent from friends for long periods of time. I am away from home. I wake up and at my desk before the sun comes up. I don’t go out at night but go to bed early. I work almost every hour of the day taking little time for myself. I constantly think of ways to improve the business, perfect the mission and vision of my business. Drama has no place in my life, unless I am on set. I am vigilant to protect my business and its intellectual properties. My life right now is consumed by my work.

You may say that I am then a workaholic. That I must be miserable or simply unhappy. You may be concerned for my well being. 

Well let me just say this…happiness is introduced by a specific moment, joy over a span of time. I love what I am working towards. I love the vision. I love the mission. I love that this is not the resting place but just a road to travel on. A road full of hill, pot holes, uneven surfaces, and no rest stops. 

While I write this, a have a little smile on my face. Why? Because though the road is difficult the destination is paradise. That makes me joyful. 

Many don’t want to go on the trip. Its long, uncomfortable, annoying, etc. So they just stay at home, missing the beauty of the destination. Not me! I am going on the trip. Well I am on the trip! 

Anyways, I need to stop writing this and get on with my day. 


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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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