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Yes it is a couple days late. I arrived back in Omaha at 1:30 am on Thursday morning. With a 6am wake up call, I was slow going but worked hard all day. When Friday came around, I made the decision to rest. My body was weak, tired and need to recoup from the travels. 

When it came to Saturday morning to sit down and write the WeekPeak, the difficulty was how do I express the greatness of a trip without giving away details. This morning I have figured it out.

There are times we wander through our days in uncertainty if our steps we are taking are correct, viable steps to our future course. We question every move. Is this task going to be wasting time? Should I give my effort to this? The list can continue into a spiral out of control, mind numbing complexity. 

Then out of the blue, in your diligence, consistency, work ethic, you begin to see a small payoff. It reveals that the mountain you have been preparing to climb is in fact the correct mountain. The course you have decided to take is the correct course. The exhaustion is now a new breath of fresh air and you are ready to climb. The summit is still a distance, but there is a hope that keeps you moving. 

What am I rambling about? To keep moving! The journey is far from over. The reward will be great. And no one can keep you from your greatness but you yourself. 

You got this!


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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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