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Its Friday Everyone! 

This week, I secretly come to you from beautiful sunny Los Angeles, California. Where the sun is shining, the humidity doesn’t exist, and the sound of construction is outside my window. I apologize for the past few weeks and having a difficult time finding gratitude. Work has been intense, where my focus shifted to getting the project done and only getting the project done. But now that it is launched, my attention is changing to other items on this agenda of life. 

This week, I took photos for a development agency of their actors, models, and other talent. It was a beautiful day for photos and think they came out alright. I will be uploading them for the client to view in a few days. Was able to spend time with two friends I haven’t seen in a long time. 

One friend we hung out last night, I haven’t seen for eight years. Its crazy to think that after eight years, you could just pick things up right where you left off. Reminisce for a couple minutes, then get right back into your friendship. It was a good time. 

The second friend I was able to see we talk every once in a while on the phone or text but we haven’t seen each other for a few years either. I stayed at his place for the past couple nights, with much laughter and fun. It was good to see them both and catch up on life. 

What is also exciting for me, and something I am extremely grateful for is the next couple days I am going to be able to see my Great Uncle and Aunt in Southern California. I love them so dearly and rarely get to see them and spend time with them. The next couple days I am going to make up for lost time. 

So overall whats the gratitude I am taking out of this week? Friends and Family. Never take them for granted and always appreciate the time you have with them.


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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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