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Hey everyone and a good Saturday morning! 

I did not forget about the WeekPeak yesterday. This week was so busy, I felt it was better to take the time to reflect on the week on a Saturday morning. 7 am, the clouds are rolling in, the temperature has dropped, looks like soon we will get some rain. Anyways, I digress. Lets just jump into it.


Sunday morning my parents came in town for an unexpected visit. We were celebrating my niece’s 4 year birthday. Just thinking of them coming into town makes me smile. The last time they came to Omaha was just after my niece was born, 4 years ago. It was a great day spending time with family. 

With the two days missed last week due to Big Omaha, I was going to use the weekend to catch up. With family in town, they come first. So on Monday back to work. Monday and Tuesday were typical work days. Plowing through the day, staying focused to mark things off the list.

In the evenings was the WeekPeak. Dinner with the family! We laughed, had good food and overall just spent good quality time together. Have I mentioned it was good to see my family. 

On Wednesday, in between meetings, I was able to have lunch with Mom and Dad. More great conversation with catching them up on what has been going on in life. I talk to them on the phone during the weeks but there is something a bit different when they are right there in front of you. On Thursday, I was able to have breakfast with them too. Then Thursday night, we all went together to my niece’s swim lesson at their local YMCA. She sure does love the water. It was cute to see her with so much excitement she couldn’t contain herself. It was adorable, and nice to see Mom and Dad able to be a part of the night. With them being in Massachusetts, it is difficult for them to see one of their grandchildren grow up so far away from them. 

On Friday morning, the parental’s left for the long drive back to New England. Thanks for coming out Mom and Dad. It was really good to see you and I love you both very much!


One more side thing this week which hits my list. On Wednesday afternoon, I met with business consultant. I have been struggling with writing a business plan. When we met on Wednesday, the consultant broke it down in such a simple way, that I think I can get this thing done. Look forward to knocking that thing out. 


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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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