WEEKPEAK, What I Am Enjoying in Life_123

Hey everyone!

When your week gets away from you, overwhelmed with work, wrapping up a couple projects, starting new projects, all on little sleep, you push through the pain and get the job done. 

This has been and is my life right now. Not complaining in the slightest. I am actually enjoying life. There is this excitement inside me even though there is this exhaustion. I am running this marathon, at mile 22, hitting the wall, knowing the finish line is not far away. 

Do you stop the moment of exhaustion? NO!!! You keep going. The moment you stop moving or think I can take a short break, let me rest here a moment, is the moment you lose! I am not about to lose! I am not about to take a break. 

You think I am crazy? Good! It takes a bit of crazy to keep going when others tell you to stop or rest. I am almost there! 

For now though I need to get back to work! Finish this race.


This week’s music playlist can be found at http://chaddodd.com/musicmix_123 . Let me know of your favorite album or song @chaddodd on twitter. 

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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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