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This past week was honestly a roller coaster ride. Many struggles, but many rewards. The highlight of the week though…the best thing that happened was actually hidden in a deep frustration.

For weeks my 99 Honda Accord, I call her Pearl, has been struggling. Some days she faithful to start, only hours later to deny me access to the roads. Other days, I no incidents whatsoever. 

On Thursday night, I was schedule to film an aftercare class for a local non-profit. Packed my gear, loaded up Pearl, and turned the key in the ignition only to find today she was going to be unfaithful. I pleaded with Pearl to start. 

“Don’t do this to me.” 

“Come on! You know I need to be somewhere in a few minutes.”

Nothing! She wasn’t going to cooperate. I texted the client that I would probably not be able to make it as I was having vehicle struggles. When my housemate got home he prayed over the vehicle and wouldn’t you know Pearl started right up. I rushed to the meeting to begin filming the aftercare class. 

As I arrived, I began to realize the greatness of this moment. God was about to deal with my pride in asking for help. That evening the client offered to help me, which I turned down immediately out of my own pride. Later on in the class a recipient shared he would never ask for help out of pride. He had to set it aside, be vulnerable with others in order to get his footing back. 

I left the meeting, with this thought looming in the back of my head. I needed help, unwilling to ask for it. 

The next day, I was contracted out to go film this same clients event, an event they call a “Blessing”. 

Quickly let me take a moment to explain the non-profit. They give a pre-owned vehicle to an individual or family that is in desperate need of transportation. The recipient must be nominated by a vetted, qualified non-profit, which partners with this organization. It ensures the proper people receive a vehicle, not someone just desiring an upgrade.

So back to Friday…

Their board of directors and staff gathered around outside with the mini-van they were going to donate. With the recipient arriving there was a hush over the group and people hiding behind the van. When the recipient came around the corner, she stood in disbelief. You could almost hear her emotions. Is this vehicle really hers or some elaborate hoax? After a few moments, you could see the reality begin to set in with her. A small smile began to form followed by her beaming with happiness. The stresses of not having a vehicle were subsiding. She could breath a bit easier. She found joy in the ease of transportation. 

This is the third “Blessing” I have attended. Each recipient has responded in different ways, however each walk out expressing much gratitude for the enormous gift. One recipient was filled with tears and many hugs for all. Another talked for over ten minutes in the uncertainty of how to express the gratitude. And yesterday’s in a silent, gigantic smile in amazement. 

As an outsider to the organization, I found an infectious joy in attending a “Blessing”. I didn’t donate the car. Did no repair to the vehicle. Didn’t go to DMV to get the paperwork completed. Didn’t clean the car. Didn’t work with other non-profits to find the proper recipient. Didn’t drive the vehicle to the donation spot. I DID NOTHING. 

But why do I feel such happiness in the moment. I have hijacked joy. I should feel guilty in this moment…right? NO. Giving of oneself to others is a secret to happiness. My spirit was like a kid on a sugar high wanting more sugar.

Just the attending of the “Blessing” spurred me to want to give to others. In what way can I give? Who can I give to? 

There is so much good in giving to others. So much good. I am unsure of what to say from here so…yeah.

If you want to know more about this amazing organization which gives vehicles to people in need, visit http://chariots4hope.org.

An amazing organization, fantastic people making a better Omaha.


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