The Great Distraction

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There are fond memories of when starting Klar, and some not so fond. When the decision was made to create a company, my thoughts turned to a business name, its mission, job titles, organizational structures, charts of accounts, and so on. Soon I would be the President of an organization of…one. But a President I would be.

The thrill to have the title of President or Owner was all the rave. I would have the status. I would be amongst the elite, with the title of President or Owner. My success is now. My ego had the appetite of an obese man never being satisfied, immediately craving another morsel. I always fought to hide this portion of my life.

I could hear the inner voice tell me, “Stay humble, Chad. Be approachable, Chad. You are just starting out, no one knows your name.”

At times, I listened to this voice, and at other times, I just wanted to prostitute myself to the business machine so that I could have the great successes of this world.

In August of 2016, Klar celebrated its two year anniversary. A milestone that some cannot celebrate. But even though we arrived at two years, the company is still nowhere at the caliber I want it to be. There is still more work to be done. More projects to start and complete.

And what is to say of my business title?

Two years later, I can honestly say the title means nothing to me. My business cards do not say President or Owner, they read “Principal Producer of Klar”. I may be the President, but I am an employee, or, that is, doing the work.

Somewhere along the two year journey, how I talked about projects changed. In the beginning it was all about the client’s name. The prestige of the client, all so I could say look who hired me. Look at the projects I worked on. Me…Me…ME! Acting like an arrogant little brat. The truth was, in each project, though my name was on the roster, the roles were minuscule. I began to realize the work for the client is more important than who the client is.

Now, the client isn’t flaunted, I talk about the work and let the work speak for itself. If someone wants to see the client list, I will share, but I am more inclined to talk about the work and what we were able to accomplish for the client. Any work that we do for the client is to further their organization, not mine, and at the beginning of being an entrepreneur, I had this all messed up. And for that I apologize.

Now back to work to do something great!


So small little plug…What is Klar? Klar is an agency that helps others impact their communities. We are working alongside and in the background with businesses, organizations, and individuals that are impacting their communities. Communities of single mothers coming out of abusive environments, of “Grom” enthusiasts, of children in foster care, of young professionals, of radio, and of property development.

We love all our clients, and we love the work we are doing for them, large or small. Each is doing an important work for their community.

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