So I Am Not Healed Yet…now What? Part 2

…If you ask the Father for anything in My Name, He will give it to you. Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full.”
John 16:23-24

For days, I debated with myself to post an update from last weeks blog: “So I Am Not Healed Yet…Now What?”. Why the debate? My prayer has not been answered yet in the timing or the way I have asked for it to be answered by God.

Let me be clear from the beginning! I have NOT given up on my healing, nor given up on God. I have NOT shaken my fist at the sky shouting, “God, why have you not healed me”. My faith has NOT been shattered. I do NOT doubt God, especially in His healing.

So now that I have cleared that up. What is the status of my healing? What is going on in my thought process in regards to my healing.

My body is naturally healing itself the way God has designed it to heal. The pain has subsided and symptoms are digressing. Every once in a while I will get uncomfortable, but it is now much less than it was previously. Every day more healing comes my way.

I am taking care of my body, eating the correct foods, drinking plenty of water, resting the correct amount, and I still ask God for 100% healing. I am still seeking a miraculous healing. Still asking for healing today. But in all of this something has changed during the process.

This Sunday morning, just days after the medical mishap, I lay in bed with no desire to move. Food and water called from the kitchen, but in bed I lay, as not to disturb the beast called pain.

The time was 9 am, church was starting. I reached for my iPad, typed in the domain name and began my normal church service, just this time in bed. Worship ends with one of the pastors beginning the transition with a prayer to the remaining portion of the service. As I closed my eyes for the prayer, I could hear the nudge from the spirit saying “Are you going to honor me.” My immediate verbal response was “Yes”;however, in agony I lay.

I must be obedient. I NEED to be obedient.

With care and ease, I removed my blanket shelter and slowly rolled over onto my side, then out of bed. With one knee finally reaching the ground, I paused. Continuing to kneel, I bowed my head in reverence to God during prayer.

The prayer completed with an “Amen”, and the service continued.I slowly made my way back into bed where I stayed for the remainder of church.

Why was it so important, in my extreme discomfort, to kneel on a wood floor?

See, this small act of kneeling was enough to spark the fumes of honor into a massive explosion. I could not remember the last time I kneeled before God. I know when I last prayed, worshiped, raised my hands, honored Him with my words, or even the last time I said good morning to God. But when was the last time I kneeled in reverence?

As a Pentecostal, I grew up in church camp meetings which would last for days, a few would even last for weeks. The time was filled with music, shouting, dancing, laying on of hands, preachers talking for what seemed like hours, no, for days! People would be sprawled out on the floor, hands would be raised, and voices would be in a tongue that required heaven to interpret.

But what about the reverence? I do not remember it. Yes, we would stand quietly waiting for the voice of God to speak to us, but that is not reverence. That’s waiting for Him to speak. But what about the physical act of reverence?

It is customary in some cultures when you come before the king to kneel on one or two knees as an act of reverence and/or submission. Some cultures bow their heads. Regardless of how they show reverence, reverence is due to the king. And I, for one, lost reverence with God.

In God’s grace, He nudged me, reminded me of who He is, regardless if healing ever came my way. He reminded me of my position in His kingdom, that I am not the master of my domain. He is in command, and my position should always begin in reverence.

So where does this leave me now, a week later?

I find myself, more often than not, kneeling before bed at night giving thanks, honor, and reverence to both the good and the hardships of the day given by God, and I seek His wisdom. On my lips I pray scripture, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God the Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.”

And what if I forget to kneel because it is not habit yet? When it comes to remembrance, I take a moment, kneel right where I am and Honor the giver of my healing, which I will receive.

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