Putting Away Being A Workaholic and Being Wise Showing Restraint #gainwisdom

Proverbs 23

Proverbs 23:4

Do not wear yourself out to get riches; have the wisdom to show restraint.

IMG_0910In today’s day and age it is not uncommon to hear some people described as “workaholics”. People who work not just diligent during the normal hours of work, but those who stay late day after day, work on the weekends, all in the aim of the next pay raise or position promotion earning more money. These people think of the next way to not only make a dollar but also to double, triple, or more their profits.

People like this have little to no time for family, friends, proper relationships, hobbies, or even joys. Their lives become consumed with getting rich, no longer taking care of themselves, which if time is not taken can lead to depression.

This is not just an issue for today’s age; this was something that Solomon saw during his day. It was happening enough around him, when he wrote the Proverbs, he made a point to say “Do not wear yourself out to get riches; have wisdom to show restraint.” He is saying have discernment to know when you need to slow down. Have knowledge and understanding on how to manage your schedule and manage it well.

We all have deadlines we need to make, we all have things that can creep up on us, we all have job emergencies, however, the goal is to manage those situations well, so that we do not become weary in our efforts. Riches do not define your success, but the ability to manage well so you do not lose those close to you is a measure of success.

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