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As I went searching for new music this week and halfway through compiling the list, I came across Matt Woods latest single “Stop”. Hearing the first note it moved to the top of this week’s MusicMix. Then out of nowhere with a right hook a see Dashboard Confessional released a single. Then Fall Out Boy, Louis The Child, Chris Stapleton, Ed Sheeran and Bishop Briggs…Not to mention all those I have never heard of that released singles this past week.

What a great week for music.

  1. Stop by Matt Woods
  2. I Know You Care by Ella Vos
  3. Someone Else by Jae Stephens
  4. Feel Something by Ethan Parker
  5. Day I Die by Baker Grace
  6. Major Love by Bipolar Sunshine
  7. Frozen by Sabrina Claudio 
  8. We Fight by Dashboard Confessional 
  9. Back Through the Lens by The Brook & The Bluff
  10. No Place in Mind by Justin Nozuka
  11. Go by Louis The Child
  12. Tryin’ To Untangle My Mind by Chris Stapleton
  13. Blissing Me by Björk
  14. HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T by Fall Out Boy
  15. Adore by Amy Shark
  16. Champagne Clouds ny Malia Civetz
  17. Seven Sticks of Dynamite bu AWOLNATION
  18. Walk on Water (Acoustic) by Thirty Seconds to Mars
  19. Perfect (Acoustic) by Ed Sheeran
  20. Dream (Acoustic) by Bishop Briggs
  21. Broken by Patrick Watson

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