My WeekPeak Music Mix_145

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Below is this week’s full list. 

  1. Best 4 You by Maroon 5
  2. The Blackout by U2
  3. Meteor by MAX
  4. Scarecrow In The Garden by Chris Stapleton
  5. I See You (feat. Billy Raffoul) by Kygo
  6. Quiet by MILCK
  7. Someone To You by BANNERS
  8. HIM by Sam Smith
  9. Blood / / Water by grandson
  10. Start Again by Sam Fender
  11. Why’d It Have to Be Now by Timeflies
  12. Who I Am by The Score
  13. Fade by Skinny Living
  14. Ghost by WILDES
  15. Crazy About You by Plumb
  16. King For a Day by Anderson East

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