Made it to the Summit – WeekPeak

This past week has been extremely busy, but amongst the busy schedule were small bits of smiles, laughter and overall joy while spending time with some of the volunteers and leaders of the Greater Omaha Chamber at this years YP Summit 2015.

This year was the 10 year anniversary of the YP Summit and celebration commenced, with a pre-party hosted by Edison Creative and an after party hosted by ConAgra Foods each providing free food and drinks. This years summit titled “Develop the Core” focused on three areas of development, “Develop You”, “Develop Us”, and “Develop Growth”. These topics were meet by Young Professionals with excitement in breakout sessions and with electric Keynote speakers to end cap the day.

I spent Wednesday afternoon at the Centurylink Center setting up the stage, which I was asked to assist in the design of earlier in the year. The stage and lighting went up with out a hitch, with the help of Cole at Modernized Concepts and the crew from JS Audio and Visual.

In preparation of the event, Cole and his team were a great asset to the fabrication of the set pieces and ensuring even with a cut budget the attended vision of the stage would still be realized. He and his team did an amazing job!

Above all else, it was the new friends that were made through this process. The people who are working diligently to make Omaha a great place to live, work and raise family. I am looking forward to the days to come as the new friendships grow!

Thanks for a great week!

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