Love the Client – WeekPeak

WeekPeakWhat a busy week with a lot of early rises! If you know me personally I do not enjoy wee early hours of the morning. I prefer 10am work day starts, sun up before me and a peaceful/relaxing start to my day. This week was a different case with two flights leaving before 6am, which means up at 4am or earlier.

“Weak Peak? Chad how can this be a peak of your week?”

Okay. Okay. Back to the peak!

Once a month I get the opportunity to travel to California to visit with one of my clients. A client I Love! Every visit is crazy busy with long days, back-to-back and walk-by meetings, and the occasional stop at Starbucks to get reenergized. But thing I enjoy most about these visits is getting to spend time with a group of people that love God and seek ways to impact the world for Christ. And when it comes to their jobs they are serious about it!

Thanks to those in Cali for taking this week one massive leap into the running of the best week this month!

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