The Great Distraction

Photocred. @chaddodd There are fond memories of when starting Klar, and some not so fond. When the decision was made to create a company, my thoughts turned to a business name, its mission, job titles, organizational structures, charts of accounts, and so on. Soon I would be the President of an organization of…one. But a President […]

The Death of Customer Service

Photocred. @chaddodd Recently, I was on a multi-stop trip: Washington D.C.;Hartford, Connecticut; and Sacramento, California. It was less expensive to book this trip with one airline and all at once. Rather than flying the normal airline of the South, I jumped on the airline of the good ole USA. On my second leg of the […]

Behind Your Back

(Cover Photo Credit: Lindsey Hathaway) I caught myself this morning talking about my lil sis, Lindsey Hathaway, behind her back. You would think ‘how rude’ but you would be incorrect! So lets back up a bit to explain. Subject: Pregnancy Via: Text With whom: Mallory Why: Reason for visit to Massachusetts If you were unaware, […]