A Whistle, A Song?

Yesterday being a long day at the church, due to evening services, today I did not want to get out of bed when the alarm went off. This was even more evident when you would hear the beeping from my phone 4 times telling me that my 10 minute snooze time was over. I slowly got out of bed and made my way to the church to cover one of the maintenance member’s holidays.

I arrived and got my duties for the morning (window washing), and made my way to the south entrance to begin the task. At 9 am it felt like it was 100 degrees outside with the humidity at 100%, a combination that would normally bring a grown man to his knees in moaning to God about his current hell.

Yet in me something arose, something I have not had in a long time. I began to notice it throughout the day as well. There began a whistle, which then turned into a song. What has come over me? I normally would complain about the situation. I would be miserable in this environment, but a song came over me. “Lord You are good and Your mercy endures forever.” I sang this song all through the day.

My attitude shifted from looking at the negative events and environment around me to looking at the goodness of God. This shift of reality changed the whole day, while others would complain for me on the heat or the tasks that I would need to complete, my heart would sing that God is good. What a shift of spirit!

I tell you all this to encourage you to have a whistle and a song. God is good and a servant’s heart solidifies your perspective.

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