Behind Your Back

(Cover Photo Credit: Lindsey Hathaway) I caught myself this morning talking about my lil sis, Lindsey Hathaway, behind her back. You would think ‘how rude’ but you would be incorrect! So lets back up a bit to explain. Subject: Pregnancy Via: Text With whom: Mallory Why: Reason for visit to Massachusetts If you were unaware, […]

WHAT THE CHURCH?_Episode 1 | Siri’s Recommendation

In my lack of preparation, I turned to the most immediate solution to determine which church to attend on my What The Church? Tour. “Siri what is the number one church in Omaha?” “OK, here’s what I found:” I would tell you the name, but where is the fun in that. However, if you do […]

WHAT THE CHURCH?_Pilot | What The…?

“Why don’t you take this opportunity to go visit some churches in your area and learn how other denominations are doing church?” My dad was correct, and it was the little nudge I needed to see what was happening in the local churches. Here is a quick history lesson of Chad: I grew up in […]