Love the Client – WeekPeak

What a busy week with a lot of early rises! If you know me personally I do not enjoy wee early hours of the morning. I prefer 10am work day starts, sun up before me and a peaceful/relaxing start to my day. This week was a different case with two flights leaving before 6am, which […]

Shine You Old Sun – WeekPeak

After a few weeks of brutal cold weather the temperature went from being in the negatives and teens to climbing into the upper 70s. Spring is definitely in the air. But even though the temperature climbed into the 70s, I live in Nebraska. Nebraska, magical place where last year the week before Memorial Day Weekend […]

Made it to the Summit – WeekPeak

This past week has been extremely busy, but amongst the busy schedule were small bits of smiles, laughter and overall joy while spending time with some of the volunteers and leaders of the Greater Omaha Chamber at this years YP Summit 2015. YP SUMMIT 2015 This year was the 10 year anniversary of the YP […]