The Great Distraction

Photocred. @chaddodd There are fond memories of when starting Klar, and some not so fond. When the decision was made to create a company, my thoughts turned to a business name, its mission, job titles, organizational structures, charts of accounts and so on. S...

My WeekPeak Music Mix_103

Time for this week’s Music Mix! It seems like this week’s Music Mix might be all over the charts. I am completely alright with that. Ed Sheeran made it back on the list with “Shape of You”, which reminded me of when he teamed up with Rudimental. So I...

A Drone Flight Over Rocklin, California

Once a month I take a trip to Northern California to visit a client. We spend our days in meetings, rarely making it outside. With the sunset earlier in the winter months it is a challenge to see the sunny side of California. The other morning, I was able to c...


“Normal is living in the world others create for you.
Extraordinary is living in the world you create for yourself”
Chad Dodd