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Through the years, many opportunities were presented to grow in many different areas. In earlier years, I felt the term “Jack of All Trades” held a negative connotation. Today, the term reflects the diversification of talents, being unable to pigeon hole myself into a certain label. The “Graphic Designer” title once given brings a limiting explanation of what each day brings. A simple title of “Designer” can become too vague, as people then ask “what do you design?”.

So time to drop all titles except one that has come from birth, I am Chad Dodd.

What do I do for work you ask? I no longer work, I just happen to get paid for what I want to do! Ranging from Graphic Design, designing a book cover, website or print collateral pieces, to Casting a short film or commercial. Then flipping gears into Account Management role ensure projects are on goal and holding true to the clients vision. If you think it stops there, hold on we are not done yet. We jump to music, a passion from elementary school, writing songs to performing either as a backup musician on guitar, piano, bass or drums, or being a front singer performing originals or covers. Then moving to photography capturing life in a moment, a joy that my dad shared when I was in junior high and then back to the spotlight as a public speaker, encouraging youth, young adults, and the generations before me.

I strive in all I do to make the users experience better, more effective, and efficient. So if you need an outside eye to improve corporate process or design marketing collateral or communicate your message, let’s you and I start a conversation on how I can help.

Let’s you and I talk.

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Chad Dodd is proud to use Sennheiser, Alverez Guitars, D’Addario Strings and Everly Picks.